2-1/8 in. Forstner Bit

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2-1/8″ Diablo Forstner Bit

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The Diablo Forstner 2-1/8 in. Steel Forstner Drill Bit can drill straight, angled and overlapping holes in all types of wood with minimal splintering. The sharp center spur accurately locates the center of the hole for precision.

For drilling straight, angled and overlapping holes in all kinds of wood with minimal splintering
Quality forged construction of high-speed steel for strength and extended life
Ultra-sharp spur helps drill an accurate hole and resists “walking” on material being drilled
Steep-angled, double-ground, razor-sharp serrated edges that slice throughout the rotation of the bit for less splintering and chipping
Drilled holes are smooth and flat, and create chisel-like curls for fast, clean chip removal

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Weight0.45 lbs
Dimensions6.65 × 3.3 × 2.2 in



Ideal For

Drilling flat bottom holes, pocket holes, or overlapping holes.