13,000-Watt/10,500-Watt Tri-Fuel Remote Start Gasoline Propane Natural Gas Portable Generator with CO Alert


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  • Powered by a DuroMax 500cc OHV engine with 5-year warranty
  • Tri-fuel offers flexibility in running gas, propane, and natural gas
  • RV & home power back up ready 240V 30 Amp & 240V 50 Amp outlet
  • Tri fuel technology: this generator runs on gasoline, propane and natural gas, giving you the freedom and flexibility of fuel choice gasoline is a tried-and-true fuel option that’s readily available propane is a cleaner burning fuel that is cost effective, fuel efficient and has a long shelf life natural gas has the benefit of providing you with unlimited fuel supply and hooks up directly to your home’s gas line, so you don’t have to worry about storing tanks and spills
  • Home power backup ready: with 13,000-Watt of power, the XP13000HXT will power your lights, appliances, AC system and other household essentials with ease during a storm or power outage it comes equipped with a 50 Amp plug that hooks up directly to your home via a transfer switch
  • Powerful 500 cc OHV engine: at the heart of this generator resides a robust DuroMax engine designed to provide you with the most power
  • CO alert: protect your family from dangerous engine fumes DuroMax offers the safest generators on the market with our CO alert technology, which turns off the generator automatically when an unsafe level of carbon monoxide is detected
  • Push button start and remote start: turn on your generator with a simple push of a button or use the remote to conveniently start your generator from a distance
  • Advanced computer interface: we’ve upgraded this generator with the latest computer system and a large LED display so you can view the gas gauge, load gauge, as well as the voltage, frequency and time at a glance
  • Fully loaded power panel: this generator comes equipped with a variety of outlets to suit your needs, including 4 120-Volt 20 Amp GFCI outlets, 1 120-Volt 30 Amp twist lock, 1 120-Volt/240-Volt 30 Amp twist lock and 1 120-Volt/240-Volt 50 Amp heavy-duty outlet
  • Front-facing fuel interface: switch between fuel types easily and effortlessly with our front facing fuel interface, now with quick connects the flexible fuel line allows you to hook up your generator to propane tanks of all sizes, while the long, oversized 3/4 in. 5 meter hose will easily accommodate your generator and gas line setup
  • 100% copper windings: we utilize the highest quality materials to build our generators compared to aluminum windings that degrade quickly, copper is an excellent heat conductor and allows you to put out the same amount of power for longer, extending the life of your generator and ensuring it lasts you for years
  • All-metal construction: built tough to last an all-metal frame and control panel ensures this generator is durable and reliable enough to withstand severe weather, heavy use and years of wear-and-tear
  • Complies with emission standards: all DuroMax generators are both approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) and follow strict guidelines to ensure our generators are as environmentally friendly as possible
  • 5-year warranty: a portable generator is an essential appliance – it is your lifeline in case of an emergency event we’ve included an industry-leading 5-year residential warranty and 1-year commercial warranty with the XP13000HXT to protect your investment and offer you even greater peace of mind